Death that was the only thought racing through my head.  The thought of being lost at sea never to be found again was almost worst. But there was nothing I could do about it. My captured by pirates most of my crew dead, either by being killed in cold blood or thrown off board to become shark food. The only reason for this unnecessary violence was for one mans greed. I could see their small ship, no bigger than are ship siting parallel to are ship. My crew knew these seas were filled with pirates, but we never thought they would ever attack are ship.

My crew were simple sailors carry supplies from England to its colonies in the Caribbean. None of us were fighters. We were just common men who chose to live by the sea, and help out the English empire.  I never hurt anyone most of my crew hasn`t. why was this happening to me. Soon they put me on the side of the ship ready to throw me off. For a second, I and the pirate captain made eye contact, but it felt like we were the same person with different motivation to make money; his crueler and mine a lot nicer.

I flew through the air as my body was thrown off deck. I could still hear the cheers of the pirates as almost if I were beside them. I felt water pour into my eyes, ears and lungs. My body hit the soft, cold water with a hard thud. I felt water pour into my eyes, ears and moth. My legs started to kick. My arms failing trying to grab hold of something. I tasted the salt from the water. Soon that changed from water to bile as my body tried getting the water out of my system.  Each wave hit me throwing me into bodies of my fellow crew mates. Soon we would all be the same: dead.

I was getting weaker. Soon I will be lost at sea never to be found again. My family will forget about me, yet the probably forgot about me by for my absence of being home.  My crew still went through my mind, I was supposed to protect the, but I lead them to their misfortunate fates. Soon I will be joining them. Soon this will all be over. My body grew weaker: my body was losing the battle for life. My body will soon be afloat with the rest. Death was near at hand. Everting was becoming foggy.

Suddenly I opened my eyes and I was safe on my ship. My crew of misfits were cheering.  I saw a ship not bigger then ares`. Canons ready to firer.  the order was mine. I sympathize with the other captain, but we are all doing what we can to make survive in this cruel sea. The ships booty soon to be in my hands.


water-More complicated then you thought



How to get a glass of water. You might be thinking “oh this isn’t complex this take about two seconds to do.” Well… you’re wrong and I will tell you why.’

1 Step one the most important step of them all. Have your brains receive single from your body to your brain tell the brain it needs to tell the body it need water. The n you need to decide if it urgent enough to go get some water or wait for a later time.

2. Now you have decided that you want to drink now it’s time to decide what you will be drinking. For example do you want to drink water pop some sort of alcoholic beverage, poison, Pan Galactic Gargle Blast, coffee or even some molten lave. To decide you first must discount everything that could be dangerous yourself. Next decide what you are mood for, if it is a warm day, a glass of juice should just do fine; if it is a chili day a cup of hot cocoa should work will suffice. For these instruction let’s just say you decided to have water.

3. Know decide on the container on which you desire to use, first consider the amount of water you want. Will the glass have to be smell like a few millilitres or big    like super where it will be just a few more millilitres then what small was. Consider the tempter your drink is. If it’s hot you will probably want a mug, but if it a cooler substance glass will suffice, and if your are down on your money, or at a party thing, paper cups will work and if you really are cheap you can reuse them to.

4. Now it’s time to get off your lazy but, with your two feeble legs and your sluggish hands, to get that glass of water. Walk by putting each foot in front of the other, then go to the Cabinet whatever your put your glasses, containers or whatever you are drinking out of.

5. Now it’s time to fill your glass. Decide where you will be getting your water. Like form the tape that tastes the best or water filter of some sort or if you are feeling adventurous and you are by a river get it from that. Getting water from a river might be dangerous so if you get sick it is ALL YOUR FAULT.

Optional- add ice if you are really feeling like have a nice cool glass of water on a boiling hot day

That concludes my 5 simple steps to getting a glass of water or other beverage. All that is left to do is enjoy the fruits of your labour.