Death that was the only thought racing through my head.  The thought of being lost at sea never to be found again was almost worst. But there was nothing I could do about it. My captured by pirates most of my crew dead, either by being killed in cold blood or thrown off board to become shark food. The only reason for this unnecessary violence was for one mans greed. I could see their small ship, no bigger than are ship siting parallel to are ship. My crew knew these seas were filled with pirates, but we never thought they would ever attack are ship.

My crew were simple sailors carry supplies from England to its colonies in the Caribbean. None of us were fighters. We were just common men who chose to live by the sea, and help out the English empire.  I never hurt anyone most of my crew hasn`t. why was this happening to me. Soon they put me on the side of the ship ready to throw me off. For a second, I and the pirate captain made eye contact, but it felt like we were the same person with different motivation to make money; his crueler and mine a lot nicer.

I flew through the air as my body was thrown off deck. I could still hear the cheers of the pirates as almost if I were beside them. I felt water pour into my eyes, ears and lungs. My body hit the soft, cold water with a hard thud. I felt water pour into my eyes, ears and moth. My legs started to kick. My arms failing trying to grab hold of something. I tasted the salt from the water. Soon that changed from water to bile as my body tried getting the water out of my system.  Each wave hit me throwing me into bodies of my fellow crew mates. Soon we would all be the same: dead.

I was getting weaker. Soon I will be lost at sea never to be found again. My family will forget about me, yet the probably forgot about me by for my absence of being home.  My crew still went through my mind, I was supposed to protect the, but I lead them to their misfortunate fates. Soon I will be joining them. Soon this will all be over. My body grew weaker: my body was losing the battle for life. My body will soon be afloat with the rest. Death was near at hand. Everting was becoming foggy.

Suddenly I opened my eyes and I was safe on my ship. My crew of misfits were cheering.  I saw a ship not bigger then ares`. Canons ready to firer.  the order was mine. I sympathize with the other captain, but we are all doing what we can to make survive in this cruel sea. The ships booty soon to be in my hands.


A Hitch Hikers Guide to Douglass Adams



My writing seminar was about Douglas Adams. I would highly recommend everyone to read Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy.  Some people love his humour and others is just goes past them. If you are one of the people who don`t understands Douglas Adams humour, then you should probably stop reading, because it doesn’t ever get any easier to read, and also its very hard to read if you enjoy having strong plot elements because Hitch Hikers Guide to Galaxy has none.

Douglas Adams has a strong sense of humour, that most people don`t get. `The humour is very blunt and very sarcastic. It also likes to point out the flaws of people. For example in Life, the Universe and Everything, Douglas Adams talks about how the only way to go invisible is by making a SEP, Somebody Else`s problem, field Witch is pocking fun at the fact that people only care about themselves and not of other people’s problems because no one can see it because it the problem doesn’t concern them.  The series is riddled with cleaver ideas like this, but it kind of lacking on the plot.

He is a very interesting author who had a completely different writing style compared to most authors. He by choose chooses to write with very little plot elements in his writing. The writing mostly consists of journal entries from the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy or third person narrations of what the main character are doing.  There isn’t much description of anything and most things you read about seem out of place compared to the rest of the book. Also the characters are all boring and don`t ever develop: they stay static. A reason why the plot might be bland is because Douglas Adams has to change the whole thing from being a radio play into a novel.

Hitch hikers Guide to the Galaxy is a very interesting book, but the man who made it, Douglas Adams, is just as interesting. He came up with the idea to make the book well being lost. He was drunk and lost in some small town in Austria. He had had the hitch Hikers guide to Europe and he was lying on a field and he wonder to himself why someone has never made the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy. He forgot that for about 5 years which in this time he wrote for Monty Python and Doctor who. Some guy looking to start up a radio show came to Douglas Adams because both the guy who wanted to start a radio show and Douglas Adams wanted to combined comedy and Si-Fi. Then Douglas Adams finally remembers lying on that field and thinking about the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy.  Soon the radio play came out and someone wanted it to turn it into a book, so then Douglas Adams started to write The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy.

So The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy is a very remarkable book. The way it came to be was probably in a way different way than most books come up by. The unique way the plot guys and how all the characters work gave the book another strange reason to read the book, and the dry humour which is riddled in the book make it a very interesting and worthy read. I Highly recommend this book to anyone one, but I know lots of people who won’t get the humour.

Where When How will Music ever Change



Where’s your heart and soul

Where is your rhythm

When did you become a simple synthesis rhythm

Fake vocal sung by pretty face

And song written by Pansies

When did you lose your human side?

With real drums

With a person who could sing and from the machine that edits there voice

When did music become a big old cooperation who make the same old crap but with a different name

When did the fans start accepting this

And when did the bands start to accept this them selves

When wills this change

Who will change this

Who will take a stand against the noise

Who will say screw you to the system

Who will write their own original idea

A popular single without the help of the major producing companies

And won’t sell out when some cash floats in their faces

Will the fans accept this

Or will they get distracted by the next “big thing”

Or will music evolve on its own terms

Over the years and generation

Where it’s about the integrity of the artist

And not for what makes you the most money

Will this ever change or are we stuck in a loop

Of a constant barrage of singles

And bands who are in the spot light for a couple months

Who remembers them

Does anyone

Or do they become forgotten

Will the bands we listen to today ever be memroble

Will we never know another band who defies a whole generation

 Or a bunch who define a few weeks


water-More complicated then you thought



How to get a glass of water. You might be thinking “oh this isn’t complex this take about two seconds to do.” Well… you’re wrong and I will tell you why.’

1 Step one the most important step of them all. Have your brains receive single from your body to your brain tell the brain it needs to tell the body it need water. The n you need to decide if it urgent enough to go get some water or wait for a later time.

2. Now you have decided that you want to drink now it’s time to decide what you will be drinking. For example do you want to drink water pop some sort of alcoholic beverage, poison, Pan Galactic Gargle Blast, coffee or even some molten lave. To decide you first must discount everything that could be dangerous yourself. Next decide what you are mood for, if it is a warm day, a glass of juice should just do fine; if it is a chili day a cup of hot cocoa should work will suffice. For these instruction let’s just say you decided to have water.

3. Know decide on the container on which you desire to use, first consider the amount of water you want. Will the glass have to be smell like a few millilitres or big    like super where it will be just a few more millilitres then what small was. Consider the tempter your drink is. If it’s hot you will probably want a mug, but if it a cooler substance glass will suffice, and if your are down on your money, or at a party thing, paper cups will work and if you really are cheap you can reuse them to.

4. Now it’s time to get off your lazy but, with your two feeble legs and your sluggish hands, to get that glass of water. Walk by putting each foot in front of the other, then go to the Cabinet whatever your put your glasses, containers or whatever you are drinking out of.

5. Now it’s time to fill your glass. Decide where you will be getting your water. Like form the tape that tastes the best or water filter of some sort or if you are feeling adventurous and you are by a river get it from that. Getting water from a river might be dangerous so if you get sick it is ALL YOUR FAULT.

Optional- add ice if you are really feeling like have a nice cool glass of water on a boiling hot day

That concludes my 5 simple steps to getting a glass of water or other beverage. All that is left to do is enjoy the fruits of your labour.

The Woods and Reavenage





I don’t know what to say any more except that I couldn’t stand the sight of you anymore because I know what you have done. It is a different feeling for me, one that means no one is trust worthy, even your closest friends. Looking back, I could have never imagined it ending like this.

You and I were the same. We have known each other are whole lives and yet you were the one who taught me of betrayal. You showed me what it was like to care for someone, and then throw ‘em to the curb to die. I want you to ROT IN HELL.

I am furious because what has happened. On the contrary I am secure in knowing the pain I will inflict on you will be real, and I regret ever meeting you at all.  And if, in some distant place in the future, I see you, I will smile at you with joy, and remember the oath I made to will soon be fulfilled. And maybe, for a brief moment, you’ll feel my presents, and you will coward in the wraith of me.

I hate you.

Emulation from an inserts from Nicolas’s Sparks the Note book. Pg 146

My Dearest Allie,

I don’t know what to say anymore except that I couldn’t sleep last night because I knew that it is over between us. It is a different feeling for me, one that I never expected. Looking back, I suppose it couldn’t have ended another way.

You and I were different. We came from different worlds, and yet you were the one who taught me the value of love. You showed me what it was like to care for another, and I am a better man because of it. I don’t want you ever to forget that.

I am not bitter because of what has happened. On the contrary I am secure in knowing what we has was real, and I am happy we were able to come together for even a short time. And if, in some distant place in the future, we see each other in our new lives, I will smile at you with joy, and remember how we spent a summer learning from each other and growing in love. And maybe, for a brief moment, you’ll feel it too, and you’ll smile back and savour the memories we will always share

I love you, Allie Noah



Emulation from Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe


In the town by the woods

That a child lived whom you may not know

His name was Timothy Mod

And this child lived with no other thought

Than to explore the woods

He was a child and the woods had monsters

In the woods by the town

But the forest was filled with monsters and other dangers

The monsters of the wood

Were filled with a hate of all thing pure and innocent

The Monsters stalk children

And this was the reason that long ago

In the town by the woods the villagers built a wall around their town

Timothy mod and kids alike

So they can’t get haunted by the monster

And prevent the children from exploring the world outside

To shut them and not let them learn in

The town by the woods

The Monster, not so happy in the woods

Went lusting for the children

Yes that was the reason (as all men know,

In this village by the woods)

The monsters came out of the woods at night,

Capturing and taking timothy Mod

But Timothy’s Innocents was not so strong to stop them

From murdering him,

From destroying his innocents.

Neither angels from heaven above

Nor the peasants from the battered town

Can never cease  the agony

Of the innocent Timothy Mob

The town never grieves, without being saddened

By thoughts of Timothy Mod

The woods are never disturbed, but you may see eyes

Of the dreadful monster who lurk

The being that ripped the life out of Timothy Mob

Where his body lays and where he will be lost,

In the woods there by the town

In the Mausoleum of the woods





South Park: Untitled


Why should more people watch South Park. You might be thinking that it’s a horrible show with a bunch of toilet humor, but I can argue that for as much toilet humour there is equal amount of intelligent humour.  Also the fact they make they show in makes there stay current with the big and important problems. The show is just one big cleaver satire mocking the flows of the American life. The two head writers of South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, are intelligent and witty. South Park is a show that has great humour and is enjoyable and can point flaws in modern society.

The humour in South Park seems very dumb most of the time, but the writers do it with purpose.  One reason they use toilet humour would be to try and get viewership because if your show is filled with a bunch of anti-society references then no one would like for trying to be more political.  That would be one way of looking at it, but I see it another way. The humour is to represent the stupidity of society. The main character are kids and they don’t react to stuff that happens, that would make an adult freak out; for Example The south park video game The Stick of Truth the kids go through crazy stuff like fighting off a Nazi Zombie infection and stopping the government from destroying their town, but at the end of the game the kids should be shaken up, which the character you played is. They aren’t and one of the kids asks what they should play next. Showing how Kids see the world with innocence.

The show is also a cleaver satire where it makes fun of current issues. One way they do this is by making their show a week before it comes out to make it reflect on current events. In some of the newest seasons episodes the writers illustrates how drones take away people right of privacy. Also they made fun of free to play apps that make you wait for everything to happen or you can pay to play. They also made an episode about mocking Mathew Mconaughey on his commercial about driving a Linclin and he drove it before he was ever paid to drive one.  I find this makes the show more powerful because its makes connect the show and the real world together. Some of the episodes are very informative, but some aren’t and are just based off anything the creators want them to be about. These types of episode are also good for being Controversial from making fun of weird issues or simply by making fun of disaster movies or zombie movies. The show is very entertaining for the fact it’s willing to use controversial issues.

Matt Stone and Trey Parker are the guys behind the show, they are brilliant. They have won some accolades for their show, but they have won more accolades for the Play, The Book of Mormon, than all of their works put together.  Also in some episodes of south Matt and Trey will write songs, these songs are very original and it’s a ballsier thing to do cause the songs could be bad, but they have been nominated for awards for some of the song they wrote. For example In the South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut they wrote a song call blamed Canada which was preformed Robin William’s at the Grammies. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjoNucs20Vw most Canadian didn’t get mad because it was a joke because the last lin of the song is “‘Blame Canada Shame on Canada For The smut we must cut the trash we must bash the laughter and fun must all be undone we must blame them and cause a fuss before somebody thinks of blaming us”  The movie wasn’t mocking Canada it was mocking englad after a group of moms Got mad at Trey and Matt from making a so just about toilet humour, in retaliation the creators made a movie mocking everything they except britian Didn’t go to war against Canada.

I hope my argument’s convinced you to watch South park, It on the channel much at 8 on Wednesday. The toilet humour made with the mix of very intelligent humour made the show a more powerful show.  The fact they are willing to be controversial and use current to be relatable or just have arguments about their show. Lastly the writers are geniuses who can write in any format and be funny they can also stand up for themselves against evil parents.so In conclusion you should watch south park because the show his powerfully profound.



Wild Rapids


The paddle was in my hands, the water under me and the rapids were approaching fast. There was no turning back; obviously turning back meant we would have to row up stream, which would mean we would have to work a thousand times harder. Michael, my friend, and I decided to go on a seven day Canoe trip.  We had never gone Canoeing before and they instructors expected us to go in the river after the huge storm that had just happened and raised the level of the water by a few inches. In addition to just simply having the water a few inches deeper, the speed in which the water was moving had greatly increased. The guides didn’t even match us with more experienced people who knew how to handle these rapids. I was paddling in the bow position because my shear muscle power over my Michael’s puny body. Michael went stern because he thought he cloud stir the vassal…he couldn’t; Nor did I.

The rapids were approaching faster now. Fear would have been going through my mind at this moment but my stomach hurt too bad form the sea sickness and all of the moldy milk I had drank in previous days. The bow of the boat hit the first rapid, and the boat jumped an inch. The insides of my stomach felt like they were about to explode. As the canoe went forward so did it go higher and higher. With every rapid we hit the worst my stomach hurt. Soon the pain in my Stomach pulsated identically to the way my heart beats. The Adlerian in my veins was telling me I had to push and not stop if I wanted to survive this endeavor. My hands had grown a brain of their own and were moving the boat without me thinking about what I was doing. It was like I actually knew how to canoe, but I didn’t I was simply moving forward and not reacting to the environment around me.  The rapids started to grow taller and guide us in path ways we should have never gone.

The boat had started to move side to side rather than just up and down. I looked back and saw Michael had frozen in fear.  I called out his name, no reply. I called out his name still no reply so this time I just splashed him and the shock from the water woke him up. I told him to stir and try to avoid the rapids. He was using all the methods of stirring to try and avoid them but it felt like we were hitting more then we avoided. The boat was being misguided by Michael. Finally the boat couldn’t take it anymore and it flipped. The Canoe was capsized.

Under the water my vision was distorted. I felt the ground was about two feet away from me. The current was fighting me and I couldn’t get up to surface, thanks to my life jacket and I grabbed onto the canoe. The rock under the water kept hitting and scratching my legs as I was violently thrusted down the river, so I decided to float my legs up to the top of the water.  Now that I was safe it was time for me to search for Michael. I lost track of him in the clerfulfal of the ship reek: consequently, I had look for him and make sure he was ok. He was out of sit I scanned the vicinity of the river and I couldn’t see him anywhere. Even if he was not ok I would see his bright orange life jacket floating down the river. I decide to check under the canoe because you can breathe under the canoe because an air pocket forms, but he wasn’t there. I didn’t know where Michael was. I was last and disoriented, but my luck started to change.

I went back up to the surface and saw another canoe. They helped me flip my canoe and they guided me on how to paddle on my own It didn’t take me long before I got the hang of it. I started getting faster and faster soon I got into a steady pass and could keep up with the other. We caught up to a group of canoers who were in front of us they were helping Michael up. He was a little shaken up from what just happened, but he wasn’t hurt. I learned he just fell out of the canoe and was too far forward to grab onto so he floated up and caught up to the nearest canoer. The weekend went on we had fun after that we got way better at canoeing and we become one of the fastest groups on the tripe. I was glad I went I become a better canoer and  my river side grew.

The Ship


Cliff I had nothing but a killers hunger and a note with a singular name: Graff. The waves crashed against the hall of the ship, cliff sat on the deck looking out to the sea contemplating how he would do it. The rain poured down, cliff watched the people frantically run back inside to avoid to getting wet; nevertheless Cliff made out a couple names form peoples name tags Alexander, Helena, and Frank. He still didn’t see Graff’s name. When most of the people were in the ship Cliff figured it was time to enter and continue to look.

The room Cliff enter was marvelous. A huge crystal chandelier encamped the whole room with light. Many store lined the walls of this complex; thousands of people were sprawled around the store. Cliff continued to look for the name. He saw the names of smith, tom, Katlyn, but still he searched for Graff.  Navigating the crowd was a lot harder than cliff expected people would bump into you and He never knew if they would steal or just walk past. Cliff hunger was growing so he went down to mephisto’s café and he bought a coffee and he noticed the name tag of the guy on the other side of the counter…it was Graff.  Cliff he sat there staring at Graff’s name tag not letting him out of his site because he knew if he looked away. Someone finally placed down an envelope. Cliff didn’t know what was in it so he opened it. Two words in big red letters said KILL HIM. Cliff had been sitting there so long that he didn’t realize any one was there except him and Graff.

All of a sudden someone said “Sir, you have to leave the store we are closing soon. I suggest you go to you sleeping quarters. “

Cliff knew this was the moment to strike. He had to think of something fast or else he would lose his opportunity to get his kill. So Cliff simply asked “Can I finish my coffee before I leave”

“Fine, As long as you don’t disturb me well I close up.”

This gave Cliff some time to think about how he could kill him as long as it didn’t make him suspicious. Cliff decided he first should find a weapon to strike his prey. He only saw chairs; some paper caps the odd thing on shelves that could not have killed. Looking around he noticed what Graff had in his hand, a knife. Cliff knew that this was the item he was going to need to use to kill Graff. Graff put down the knife and went to another room probably to get something to cut. So Cliff ran and grabbed the knife and quickly hides on the other side of the counter where Graff couldn’t see him.

Graff enter back into the café and noticed Cliff was gone, but he didn’t hear the door open or hear the bell saying someone was leaving or entering.  Graff though this person may be in the bathroom; furthermore Graff decide to let the guy be. About thirty minutes Graff was concerned why this guy was in the washroom so he decided to go check. Cliff had anticipated Graff would actually go looking for him. Cliff hunger grew even larger. He saw Graff’s foot come to his side of the counter, and then the rest of Graff’s body followed.  Graff turned facing Cliff their eyes meet. Without a moment to react cliff pounced on Graff and stabbed the knife right through Graff’s neck. Bleed sprayed out and the only thing cliff though was he is still hungry.

Cliff forgot where he was or who he was. The whole world vanished away and cliff was put in a much darker world. Not a ship or a café but a desolate city in a deserted ally way. Cliff realized that the name Graff and the note were just hallucination his mind had made up. Cliff hunger was still not gone but he know has found his meal.

Othello Idol to Beast

If you want to see a play about betrayal and deception then you should see Othello By Shakespeare. In the last month my class mates and I went to see Othello At the vertigo theater it was directed by Ron Jenkins. Othello was played by Glenn Davis and co-starring was Haysam Kadri.  Watch as Othello, the moor and well respected commander by his troops the people of Venice, get brought done by his own Lieutenant.

The play started with Othello, Glenn Davis, holding Desdemona, Andrea Rankin. Iago, haysam Kadri, is mad at Othello for promoting Casio, Karl Sine. This jealously Iago has against Casio and hatred for Othello, The moor, motivates him to kill Casio and ruin the career of Othello. Iago gets Casio demoted by making him get drunk and get into a fight with Rodrigo, a guy who was in love with Desdemona and also played by Brent Gill. Soon after Iago starts laying his seed to corrupt Othello by turning against his wife and saying Casio is Othello’s wife’s lover. Then Othello demands Iago to show proof, so Iago steals a hanker chef, symbolized Othello,s love to Desdemona, and planets it on Casio. Othello sees this and it drives him mad he orders Iago to kill Casio and then he goes and smothers Desdemona with a pillow, with it ending with Othello holding Desdemona’s dead body to connect the start of the play to the end. But it wasn’t just the plot that made this production good, it was also the other cast and crew he helped with the show: joel Cochrane he played Brabantio, Mabelle Carvajal who play Emelia, Alex Cherovsky who played Montano, Jason Scheider who played the duke, and merran carr-wiggin who played Bianca. Also there was the crew who helped: The director was Ron Jenkins, Nerda McCarrollwho did the lighting and set, Peter Moller who did sound and composition, Ronda Borneman who did costume desighn, MeredithJohnson stage manager, and Production managr was Ian Kelly.

The play was very well preformed with well-acted and directed parts. Glenn Davis did an amazing Othello and Haysam Kandri did an equally good Iago. The character Iago Stayed in character the whole time and he seemed like exactly how I would of though Iago would have acted from the Aside to the parts with just him and Othello. At times during the play it seemed like some of the characters over acted, but they did a good job because Shakespeare wrote the lines to be over dramatic. The play was very well acted play and I could see the actors were passionate about their character for me being someone who doesn’t know big play production like this one.

The design set of this whole play intrigued me. The set was the thing that interested me the most, it was a big almost prison like fence witch was made of sand bags lights and chain linked fences. This seemed like a weird director choose because I thought this play should have taken place in a big ball room or even like a port like setting. I believe the set was a good choose because in symbolized Othello in way that Iago and his own jealousy had him imprisoned. A couple times Othello stands on the other side of the chain linked fence watching his wife thinking she cheating on him. This shows Othello can’t do anything from stopping it from happening but just watch it happen. Also another part of using prop was when Bianca and Casio were leaving the bed room they used a bunch of benches to show them leave the bed room and enters into the streets. The one problem with this scene was it felt like it lasted to long and they were moving around to much.

On the whole the play was well done with a few nit-picky things I didn’t like. The actors did all there parts well with the odd over acted part but how do you not over act Shakespeare. The set was the most predominant part in my opinion with being not conventional with some weird prop uses. I alos like how they used minimal props because when Shakespeare did it, he didn’t use a set either.  This play was very good and makes me want to see more plays.


http://www.shakespearecompany.com/currentseason/othello/    I coudnt find the persons name who did the photo